- The League consists of rated players. You will normally be put in a division, which has players rated at your level, or only 1 level higher or lower.

- It's a League format, so you play all your opponents in your division. It doesn't matter if you lose a match. You can always win the next one.

- Divisions usually consist of a maximum of 8 members, so you will have 7 matches at most to play over 9 or 10 weeks.

- The League has sessions throughout the year, and because the players get to know each other, competition tends to be friendlier.

- You arrange with your opponent where and when you should play. All members of the League either live in North London, or are prepared to travel to North London (e.g. myself: I live in Putney, but play all over North London). The vast majority of League members live in North London, so you won't have to go too far to your match.

- Results of League matches are forwarded to the LTA for each ratings run and are processed by the LTA because this is Box League 725 registered with the LTA.

- Since I aim to help you improve your rating, I am very happy if you also play any LTA tournaments. These provide one of the fastest ways of lifting your rating, IF you are able to keep on beating your opponents. But should you lose at some stage, don't worry. You will always have a League match to play and to give you the chance of gaining a qualifying win. In fact, playing the League AND some ratings tournaments is an even faster way to increase your rating.

- The League has now been operating successfully for over 10 years. So it's not a here today, gone tomorrow league.

- You will ALWAYS get an answer if you get in touch ; usually, the answer will be on the same day.

- Last but not least, divisional winners will get a trophy to put on their mantlepiece as a visible record of their achievement.

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